Who I am

Right…who am I? Too ordinary answering with name and surname!

I will guide you through my personal biker story, from the end! In the last few years, right in the middle of a personal crisis which maybe some of you have been through too, I decided to “escape”, committing myself to the one feature in my life that is able to cheer me up no matter what: my motorbike. So,after years spent on wonderful Sunday joyrides of 500km, and days spent in track with my buddies, I decided to take my Yamaha R1, rigorously modified, and just leave. Where to? To be honest I hadn’t planned it yet and it didn’t even matter, no hotelsbooked, no pre set destination – Just go!

Me and my R1

Once I came back, I realized I rode 3000km in 15 days, all of them in Trentino a region to which I’m bond to because of its beauty and my family ties and that I am going to live soon too. 3000km made of curves and…what kind of curves! I came back amused, relaxed and moreover meditative. And it’s exactly the meaning of this word which brought me, in the years, to reluctantly replace my “BigJap” bike (but not my driving style) with a more appropriate and traditional Bmw.

Me and my BMW

I had just discovered that a motorbike journey wasn’t just an unconventional method to go from point A to point B and, moreover, that the most important thing wasn’t to compete at who is going further. The real goal is to take an internal journey to discover our inner self – no matter the destination. There will probably never be a real target to achieve, but always something new to see, something new to reach and something new to discover in ourselves. And it’s also thanks to endless chats and debates with my friend Tommaso, my one and only travel buddy, that I can say that in these years I have seen the difference between Alessandro a few years ago and Alessandro nowadays. And so, on from Portugal to Turkey, passing through everywhere without neglecting our Alps and Apennines. The most beautiful thing is that being 28 years of age, I still have so much road to drive. Spending 8 hours per day with my head inside a helmet, isolated from the outside world, is something much deeper than most people can understand. Variety is the spice of life but sometimes we could really live without those ones who, every time, when I come back, are welcoming me with their: “What’s the point in a trip like that? All that strain… holidays means holidays! Why didn’t you come to Ibiza with us?” My dear friends…go, go to Ibiza, I’m much better this way. This life must means something in the end.

Having said that, I have decided to create this blog not only for those ones who have the same thoughts as me but also to share with those who will want to do so, my personal view of a motorbike journey and, why not, also to find new travel mates, both virtual and real.